How We Work

Plan # 461039DNN | Your Home Design | Mobile, Al.

Our Plan Numbers - Our plan numbers are set up to aid both you and us at Your Home Design, Inc to better understand a house just by looking at the plan number. The numbers are set up as follows: XX-1234-5-6-7. The letters are the initials of the designer who designed the house. The next four digits are the square footage of the house (heated and cooled). The last three represent how many bedrooms, bathrooms and garage stalls there are respectively.

Design Criteria - Your local codes may vary or change periodically. For this reason, cannot warrant the homes offered by us will be in compliance with any specific model codes other than the International Building Code and the Wood Frame Construction Manual. It is the goal and belief of that our plans are suitable for construction. Working drawings and material specifications are designed to meet average conditions and construction methods prevalent to Mobile, Al. Our plans may, however, need revisions to meet your local code requirements and you should have a builder or other professional review your plans prior to construction.

What you get - Foundation plan and details, Floor plan(s) with electrical locations, four exterior elevations, wall sections, fireplace and stair details where needed, special details, roof plans and material specifications forms listing our recommendations for material and equipment upon request. All clients will receive eight sets of plans upon completion. Additional copies will be available upon request for an additional charge.

Remodeling Projects - Remodeling projects are welcomed here too. We base our prices on an hourly fee. Due to the fact that we will need to conduct a site visit and consult the local building official prior to giving a quote we require a fee up front. This fee will be applied to the overall price of your project in the form of a deposit. Once you receive your quote and we are instructed to proceed we will prepare your preliminary drawings for your review. We will set up a time when you are ready to return to go over the changes and comments you may have. This could happen only once or may happen a few times till we get the drawings to convey what you feel is how you want your final project to look. Once the concept is to your approval we will complete the construction drawings and have any Engineering done if required. You will be provided eight sets of plans upon completion. Additional sheets will be an additional charge.

Plot Plans - Local Clients will receive a Plot Plan showing their property with the house located and dimensioned per code. Distant clients may receive a plot plan as well but will be required to provide us with all pertinent information required in your locale.

What you do not get - HVAC or plumbing drawings. This is a service that can be offered but is best left to your local licensed contractors, which is often free.

Reversed, mirrored or flipped plans - All plans can be flipped with an additional fee. You are able to see what each house looks like which will better help you to decide which way looks best for you.

Customize Your Home Design - Minor changes and modifications can usually be made quickly and economically due to all of our homes are designed on a computer. Should changes become necessary to one of our stock homes, please feel free to contact us at 251-338-1242 or E-mail us and we will be happy to quote you a price for changing the plan or custom design a home for you.

Also, please do not forget that if you see a front elevation of one house that you like but like the floor plan of another, we can often change any front to the style you do like.